7 Tips To Care Your Sphynx Cat

Place of living

Sphynx cats should preferably be kept indoors so that their well-being is ensured. Moreover, their skin is sensitive and can get damaged if your cat spends too much time outside in the sun. Also, make sure that your home is warm enough for your cat because they do not have the protective layer of the fur covering their bodies.

Things to eat

Sphynx cats have a fast rate of metabolism. So it should be given numerous small meals throughout the day. Some people advocate giving it raw meat. However, before that do check if the meat has been minced properly or not. If you are unsure about that, check with your breeder or the veterinarian who will suggest you the best things.

Bathing the sphynx cats

When it comes to cleaning, these sphynx cats need a little more attention and care. As we know, these beings naturally hate water. But sphynx cats need to be cleaned every day. The reason behind this is that these cats have no fur. Thus, the natural oils that the body secrets lie on the surface itself. There is no mechanism to get rid of it and it mixes up with dust and dirt to create an unhygienic scenario.

Hence, you need to organise weekly bathing sessions so that your cat stays clean and healthy. Here are some tips to do that.

•    Start with optimum temperature of water.
•    Put your cat in the tub very gently. Take care that your cat does not drown.
•    Pour water slowly and lather her up. You will get specially formulated shampoos for Sphynx cats.
•    Gently rinse it off. Use a soft and absorbent towel to pat dry her up.

Cleaning the ears

Since Sphynxes do not have hair around the ear canal, and the wax also can get clogged up blocking the ear canal, you must clean it on a regular basis. Use a wet or soft cloth to wipe it off. You can also use a Q-tip to clean the inner ear, but be very careful on that. 

Clip the nails

Since there is no fur on the feet as well, there is a huge risk of dirt and dust entering the nails. So the nails need to be trimmed on a regular basis. In case you don’t know how to do this, ask your vet for the instructions.

Be a friend

Sphynx cats need to be talked to and if they are left alone, they won’t go well. Therefore, play with your kitty, exercise her, and spend as much time you can with her.

Keep it warm

Again, since these cats have no fur and cats, as a rule of thumb, do not like to be clothed, you have to find alternate ways to keep them warm. Turn on the heater even when you are not at home. Also you can Buy a Heating Pad for cats in our store.


Sphynx cats are one of the most difficult breeds of cats to raise. However, if you are bewitched by their charm once, you won’t look for anyone else. So bring it up with utmost care and just love it with dedication and patience and you will see the results.